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Fusion Metal


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The Fusion Metal series by Apavisa Porcelanico have the look of rusty steel or titatium but in fact are ceramic tiles. The basic ceramic tile is made from clay. Feldespar and Caolin are added to the clay to make it less poreous. Quartz is added to make the clay stronger and finally fluxes is added to make it possible to fire the clay at an optimum temperature. This mixture of materials is then grinded and the resulting powder is than made into granules. The granules are then put under high pressure. The pressure level determines the chromatic variations of the end-product and it also influences its form and surface texture. The pressured granules are then fired to 1200 degrees Celsius. The tiles can be used on both floors and walls and have an anti-slip effect. They are also suitable for use on a raised floor system.

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