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Gagecast® is a cast decorative panel/sheet surfacing composed of metal infused polymers laminated to a reinforcing substrate. The panel/sheet is cured, post finished by mechanical polishing and sealed with a protective clear top coat.
Gagecast®, is appropriate for vertical applications where metal patterns that feature high luster, pattern depth and dimension, durability, and cost effective installation are a requirement. Gagecast®, is composed of high content metal particles dispersed throughout the casting rather than an applied topical application. Gagecast’s patented process allows the casting to be manufactured with a choice of installer friendly substrates and three installation systems, thereby providing the specifier versatility for the intended application.

Shown on the left are (from top to bottom):

GC 114 – Traction
Tightly structured durable pattern. Often used for elevator cabs. (.160″ thickness plus backer)

GC 101 – Sahara
Undulating horizontal wave pattern on a textured field. Radiused tops provide high polish level. (.125″ thickness plus backer)

GC 129 – Raimondi
Designed by the renowned Italian Architect Giorgio Raimondi exclusively for Gage. (.133″ thickness)

GC 102 – Alpine
Variance in pattern height between waves provides strong visual interest. High polish. A very popular pattern. (.160″ thickness plus backer)

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