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GetaCore solid surface


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GetaCore solid surface consists of 75% natural minerals and pigment, bound together with acrylic. Translucent and warm to the touch, it offers numerous favourable material properties; low expansion co-efficient, light resistance level 6, heat resistance up to 180 C, scratch and chemical resistance. Due to its closed pore surface, GetaCore is easy to clean and hygienic. It may be thermoformed and is notable for achieving visually seamless joint connections.

A particular advantage of GetaCore is its workability. GetaCore is self-supporting and can be thermoformed to create seamless corner connections, for example. It can also be drilled, cut, ground and milled by all common tools used for the processing of hardwoods. Cut sheets may be glued with an adhesive in the colour of the board design, resulting in an invisible joint after grinding. And as a homogenous material, GetaCore features an even colour across its entire cross-section. It therefore looks the same in cross-section as on both sides of its finished surface. With its homogenous colour and ability to form visually seamless joints, GetaCore can create the effect of large, single-piece units and surfaces. GetaCore can, for example, be molded into free-form desk surfaces, kiosks, sinks and basins.  It has even been used to create a single-piece altar for a church.

Durability is another distinguishing characteristics of this material. GetaCore solid surface is resistant to a wide range of acids and alkaline solutions, while shallow surface damage can be relatively easily sanded away. Combined with its non-porous and hygienic properties, GetaCore is used widely in kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals and other hygienically sensitive areas.

GetaCore can be applied both horizontally and vertically. It is available in a sheet size of 4100x1250mm or smaller, in thicknesses of 3mm and10mm, and with a glossy, matt or satin finish.

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