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Glass Colors


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Glass Colors is an agglomerate of glass fragments and colored resin.
The surface is treated with a waterproof wax coating that protects the material against stains and allows easy maintenance. The level of liquid absorption is zero. If the surface comes into contact with strongly-colored or acid substances such as coffee, cola, oil, lemon, etc., cleaning with a damp cloth is recommended.
Glass Colors tiles are laid on a self-leveling compact substrate using specific adhesives.
Used as either flooring or wall covering, spacing of at least 1-1.5mm is required for the 40×40 cm formats and 2 mm for larger formats. The spaces are filled with standard tile grouting in the color closest to that of the resin.
Diamond slitting wheels are needed for dry or wet tile cutting. For border shaping, standard diamond tools for marble are used for wet cutting. Slight curving of the larger formats (40×40 cm, 60×40 cm, 60×60 cm, 110×30.5 cm) and sheets can occur, which is dependent upon the material flexibility. It is recommended that the tiles or sheets are spread on a flat surface and held in this position for at least 2 hours before lying.
The tiles are sectioned but not corrected and therefore there can be slight deviations in the layout dimensions compared to the nominal dimensions (ISO Standard Tolerance +/- 1mm for formats of less than 60×60 cm, +/- 2mm for larger formats).
For post-laying and day-to-day cleaning, neutral products should be used. Never use acid or scale prevention products as these can render the material surface opaque.
If worn, bettering can be performed with Scotch-Brite brushes or disks, cloth disks and marble polishing cream or wax.
For shower base fitting and related coverings, waterproofing of the substrate is necessary and for up to mid-height of the walls.
To lay Glass Colors on heated substrates, the spacing indicated above must be increased by approximately 1mm and a latex-based plasticizer added to the adhesive used.
Given the highly fragile nature of glass, the edges and corners of the tiles, which for obvious aesthetic reasons are straight cut (not beveled), may prove slightly rounded. This characteristic remains practically invisible after grouting.
Glass Colors must not be stored in the open air or laid in external areas as the color of the resin could fade.

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