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Glass2 is a high-grade, environmentally friendly building material, available in slabs. It is produced of 99% fused recycled glass, it contains no glue or chemicals and it is resin free. Glass2 is resistant to weathering, 100% non-porous and the material is easy to clean. It is stain-resistant, bacteria-free and needs virtually no maintenance. It is also virtually scratch-resistant and if scratched, it can be repaired, unlike usual glass products. Being cold and heat resistant, Glass2 is suitable for interior or exterior applications, and commercial and residential use. Glass2 is available in eleven colours, the majority fully translucent. Colours are weather resistant. The material allows for its application in kitchen countertops, as bartops, tables, fireplace surroundings, floor or wall cladding, stairways, columns, furniture tops, bathroom vanities, shower stalls, and tub surroundings. design. Glass2 can be supplied with an integrated wire mesh, which is used typically in flooring installations, and with a glass backing with a thin layer of plastic in-between, which is best suited for cladding applications. Slabs are available in several thicknesses and sizes.

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