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Glass has been used in the decoration of buildings for a thousand years. Now, in the 21st Century, its reflective qualities are used by Original Style in their range of glass tiles “Glassworks”. Every Glassworks tile is individually cut, coloured and finished by hand.

Among others, the “Glassworks” range consists out of:

Textured glass tiles – These handmade tiles are textured to create special effect with the reflection of light.
Confetti-collection – These translucent tiles can also be lit from behind.
Float and foil – By mixing glass and metals a series of abstract designs is created.
Iridiscent – the iridiscent effect is created by incorporating fragments of metallic glass embedded on the surface, which glitter in the light. Each peace is handmade and therefor truly individual.

The Glassworks range of tiles is not recommended for exterior purposes or countertops. Due to the transparant nature of the tiles and the fact that they are hand-made, installation is a bit more difficult than normal.

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