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Gold Mosaic


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Mosaics which are hand made of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. The patented manufacturing technique, using vacuum to fuse the gold-mosaics, ensures it to be water, frost, heat and shock proof. Even acids and authentic oils will not harm the inlay in any way. The material is suitable for inside and outside floors and walls, for ceilings and roofs, implants in mirrors and furniture, yachts and planes where weight is a factor, and artistic designs. The material is made of pure 24-carat gold and silver (and platinum) leafs. To create different visual effects, white glass or coloured glass is offered. The colours are powdered on the glass before being heated. The metal inlay is also available in a combination of silver and gold, silver, platinum and different shades of gold. The standard gold-mosaic has the thickness of 4 mm and the glass layer on each side of the metal inlay is 2 mm.

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