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Govaplast is a type of plastic lumber, but containing no wood at all, as a replacement for wood and concrete. The material is turned into solid, high-quality recycled plastic profiles, such as poles, sheets, boards, beams, and decking and fencing systems. The plastic is extremely durable and strong, and can be used both for interior and outside uses. It is a non slip material, maintenance free, and rot-proof.

The production process starts with the selection of high-grade raw materials to produce high-quality products. The raw material consists of 100% plastic recycled material (HDPE, LDPE and PP in a specific proportion). The PE-PP raw material is mixed with dye and other additives to improve and strengthen the product. This blend is melted into a homogenous mass under high temperature and sprayed into moulds. These moulds are cooled down, after which the boards are automatically pushed out. The final profiles can be sawn to size after 48 hours. The boards can be recycled after use.

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