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GRIP Metal


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The GRIP Metal material is trademarked, thin gauge sheet metal with thousands of mechanically extruded hooks which allow mechanical bonding to nearly any other material.

Manufacturing is possible with nearly any coiled metal, from 0.3 mm to 10 mm thick. Processing happens at a rate of about 5 m per minute. During the pressing, the hooks are continuously formed as an integral part of the base metal. The ‘sticky’ metal is available in a wide range of materials and sizes and is intended to be a cost-effective manufacturing solution for metal-clad laminates and bonded panels. The sheets provide durability with or without the use of adhesives. Acting like ‘metal Velcro’, it distributes the attachment load over a wide area and many contact points. Products made with this connective system have very high strength to weight ratios and the durability and stiffness of metal. Added benefits are stronger, lighter bonds for cost effective products.

The hooks can be formed on nearly all types of metal (brass, copper, aluminium, steel, etc.) with thickness ranging from 0.3 mm to 0.94 mm. The hooks are available in both mini and standard sizes, and can be processed on either one or both sides of a metal. This provides the flexibility to use single sided GRIP Metal as an outer layer or attachment material or dual sided as inner core for multiple layer materials. Used for both interior and exterior applications.

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