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- story by MaterialDistrict

The Hairy collection derives from specific material selected from calf and cow skins. The black and white or brown and white bases can be dyed to obtain unusual style effects.
Its decorative element is the length of the hair, which depends on the period of production. During tanning, both Rodeo chic and Hairy design lines are given a water- and oil-repellent treatment, absorbed by the skin but not by the hair, which guarantees resistance to liquids and dirt in general.
Rodeo chic line: has an aged look. A special treatment result in alternating areas of hair and full-grain, either tone-on-tone or contrasting in colour. The subsequent application of laminas on the grain of the leather produces a metallic effect.
Hairy design: this line features artisan processes that form multiple patterns and contrasting hues on the hair, with the possibility of customisation.
The Hairy collection is not very resistant to the light. It should not be directly exposed to sunlight or placed near sources of heat.

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