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Haptic 2.5D Textural Printing is an elevated printing technology allowing for full-colour designs to reach new heights. The visible and tactile elevations create embossed effects for interior applications that are customisable and at production speed. This unique on-demand printing capability sets a new standard in design, allowing for true textural design freedom.

Big Impact’s Haptic 2.5D Textural Printing for vertical application is UV resistant, waterproof, fire resistant, and emits no VOCs. Such technology is ideal for contract and residential projects. Big Impact’s new machine has the advantages of digital print: designs are scalable in size, use the full colour spectrum and gradation of hues, while maintaining the flexibility of printing each project on demand, making it possible to create ‘yournique’ projects for every customer.

This freedom and control is only limited by the imagination. Mimicry and optical illusion transcend to a new level with this tactility. Imagine printing a brick wall where each and every brick has dimension and uniqueness, even animal skin looks and feels real when envisioned with Haptic 2.5D Textural Printing. Wood grains, the look of woven or knit textiles, crocheted lace, and tiles can now go far beyond the industry standard of flat printing on textured substrates. A corporate logo can be printed directly into a design. Reproduction artwork has never before tricked the eye in such a manner; the brushstrokes are as exact as the original.


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