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The Natural Fibre Composites consist of synthetic polymers and renewable raw materials. Plastics are reinforced by natural fibres such as hemp, flax, various woods, and others. The engineered plastics are produced using injection moulding and extrusion methods. The pioneer product in the Hiendl NFC materials is Xylomer, in which wood is the crucial natural fibre material. Other natural fibres are added for the differentiated design of qualities. Depending on the raw materials used and the quantity ratios a large variety of specific property profiles can be created. Compared to other synthetic materials, Hiendl NFC materials have a very high solidity and rigidity. The materials can be twice as strong as polypropylene. By reinforcement with natural fibres, it is possible to achieve rigidity values comparable to those of glass fibre reinforced polyamide. In comparison with natural source materials, in particular wood, the NFC materials have a very good formability. Furthermore the NFC materials are very light in weight. Surfaces of the materials are ready for use.

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