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Honeycomb core


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Honeycomb core is made out of tubes of transparent polycarbonate (PC) round 7mm, glued perpendicular to the lining. Standard are the sheets used for the lining made out of PETG or PMMA clear. The thickness of the panels is 19mm: 15mm for the core and 2mm for each lining. Standard sheet-size is 3050x1250mm. Standard sheets are not UV-stable, but UV-protected linings are optional. Basic transformations of the sheets include cutting, drilling and milling.

Applications: in- and outside use: facade’s, roofs, separation walls, displays, doors, office-furniture, tabletops, cupboards, shelves, bathroom elements, all those places and uses where high-stiffness, light-weight, light-transmission and/or isolation are important and off course everywhere where the special decorative and aesthetic appearance, the high stiffness (when laminated), the low weight and isolation are important.

While the core is always clear or black, the lining can be done in transparent colours giving an additional esthetical dimension to the sheets. These colours are only possible with 3mm PMMA which increases the thickness to 21mm.

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