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Hot Stamping Foils


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Kurz hot stamping foils are utilized for applications such as packaging, greeting cards, electronic devices, household appliances, cosmetics, textiles, furniture, automotive parts, and other applications.
Hot stamping involves the transfer of a lacquer package onto a substrate by means of pressure and temperature. In the process a hot-melt adhesive already located on the foil is activated and produces the bond to the part being stamped. The carrier (as a rule, polyester) serves as a transport medium for the diffractive structures and is pulled off after the stamping operation. Metallized hot stamping foils are availabe in gold, silver and a variety of other colours. Kurz offers “Light Line” foils in a variety of designs and colours with varied effects. These effects range from holographic 3-dimensional elements, geometric designs, to rainbow colors effects.

KL is the name of a new adhesive formulation in the Light Line product range. It is more suitable for use on more coarser surfaces and has increased glossines compared to the standard Light Line adhesives. KL adheres to virtually all finished or non-finished cardboard and paper surfaces as well as variety of plastics. KL gives good results with medium and large area motifs
very good adhesive properties on smooth or rough papers or cardboards, underprinting, lacquers, acetates or OPP-laminated surfaces. It’s suitable for use on all machine types, up and down, or rotary, in the graphics industry, has a very high gloss level and is heat-resistant to high temperatures. Upon request it’s also overprintable.
Stamping Temperature:
approx. 100 ° on up-and-down and platen presses
130 – 150 °C on cylinder presses
190 – 220 °C on high-speed rotary presses

Kurz XT is the name of foils especially formulated for the decoration of textiles with an adhesive layer as well as PE or PP ribbons. It’s suitable for fine definition motifs, large areas and so-called “millepunti-designs”. It is resistant to machine washing in combination with a suitable special mordant for textiles.
Stamping Temperature:
180 -200 °C on special machines

CR is used on a variety of plastics, but mainly on PVC cards. It has a high abrasion and scratch resistance, as well as a high resistance to heat. It’s suitable for the stamping of large area images and has a high chemical resistance. It may be over stamped or overprinted (upon request).

Stamping Temperature:
160 – 170 °C on up-and-down presses and roll-on machines

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