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- story by MaterialDistrict

Hybrix is a very thin (0.7 – 2.1 mm) metal micro-sandwich that is strong, formable, light and (depending on the version) weighs between 1.5 – 3.9 kg/m2 .

The material is hollow and contains air and millions of microscopic fibres that bind the surfaces together. The unique structure of the individual fibres makes the material strong and light, yet very formable using a conventional metal press or hydro forming tools. Unlike conventional lightweight sandwich materials, Hybrix can be shaped into compound curves, such as organic forms, or the shape of a moulded briefcase. The look, feel and behaviour of Hybrix is very similar to conventional metal sheet, but it weighs less than half as much.

Lamera supplies both complete, assembled components and flat Hybrix sheets, to the customers’ specifications. Market applications include aircraft and train interiors, automotive, med tech, shipping, architecture, consumer goods as well as other weight sensitive markets.

Owned partially by Midroc New Technology, Duroc, Chalmers University and a number of private investors, the spin-off company Lamera builds on Hybrix composite technology. Lamera focuses on design and weight oriented customers who demand high surface quality and low weight, such as companies within aircraft/railway/Automotive and other weight sensitive markets as well as producers of exclusive consumer goods.

“Your bones are strong, but heavy. If a bird had your type of bones it would not be able to fly. Birds instead have hollow bone structures that maintain the strength at a minimum of weight. Birds teach us that we should not restrain ourselves from using a material we desire, just because it is heavy. We should instead change the structure of the material to make it light.” Said the company in a statement.

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