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Hydro RESTORE is Hydro’s range of aluminum made from recycled pre-consumer scrap, recycled post-consumer scrap and primary aluminium. Hydro RESTORE is one of Hydro’s sustainable alternatives and is produced in Hydro’s own recycling units. By collecting and recycling the scrap close to the source, their customers receive the best service and flexibility and contribute to the local economy.

Hydro REDUXA is Hydro’s series of aluminum with low CO2 emissions. By using renewable energy sources such as hydropower, the company reduces the CO2 footprint per kg of aluminum to less than a quarter of the global average.

Hydro CIRCAL is a brand of recycled aluminium made with a minimum of 75% recycled, post-consumer aluminium scrap. Using recycled aluminium, Hydro drastically reduces energy use in the production phase whilst still offering high-quality aluminium.

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