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i.light is a precast concrete panel that can transmit light. Obtained by bonding special resins in an innovative mortar, the material not only lets natural and artificial light in, but also allows seeing images or objects placed behind the panel while creating a transparent effect.

The special plastic or vitreous matrix inserts – depending on the type of i.light panel chosen – allow light to flow homogeneously through the whole cementitious element. This is possible thanks to the panel’s enhanced ability to capture both indirect and reflected light and bring it to the interior, which gives resulting walls an ever changing appearance with light playing an amazing show.

Experimental tests have shown that the durability of i.light panels is comparable to that of traditional precast panels, having as a long life cycle as that of the building. Moreover, once dismantled, i.light panels do not require any special treatment and can be wholly recycled.

The material is a highly versatile architectural element. It can be used for both internal and external lighting solutions. Panels are available in different shapes, sizes and colours, letting designers’ imagination run wild. The panels are resistant to the aging effect of UV rays, guaranteeing that original transparency is maintained over time. No particular maintenance is required.

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