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Iced Barn and Frosted Barn


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Barnwood comes from the cladding of disused Canadian barns. The weathered yet indestructible barns, which were built in the nineteenth century, have lost their true purpose because of the modernization of the farms. As such, many barns are being destroyed. The Canadian government has decided that these beautiful and historical buildings are cultural heritage and therefore one barn per farm must be kept, however the cladding of the other torn down barns is being retrieved by companies such as the Netherlands based Barn in the City. They then enhance and protect the barnwood with a transparent or a semi-transparent coating. This results in a glossy ‘iced’ or matte ‘frosted’ look, adding depth to the grain structure of the wood. The wood used is white pine  and hemlock, in their natural colours, or with traces of paint. Available colours are grey, brown, black, red smooth, red weathered, green smooth, green weathered and white smooth. The coating is free of sulphates, ecologically friendly, highly scratch resistant and fire retardant. This product is for indoor use, for furniture or wall panels for example, and comes in a variety of sizes (thickness 18 – 30mm, width 100 – 300mm, length 1000 – 4500mm).

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