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Imagic Weave, a combination of Haver & Boecker Architectural Wire Mesh and the LED technology of Traxon Technologies -an Osram company- enables to create individually programmable lighting effects in up to 16 million colours including full video content on a new or existing façade.

The wire mesh elements are custom-made for the specific project. DOGLA-TRIO is the most suitable type of mesh, fabricated in max. 3 meter width and upon request available in other dimensions, too. The maximum height is limited by handling and static reasons only. In general the mesh elements are tensioned from top to bottom. Different mounting systems are available with regard to the specifics of each project.

By attaching slim LED-profiles to the reverse side of the wire mesh the homogenous and transparent look of the façade is maintained at all times, even when the LEDs are not in use.

Both indoor and outdoor façades may be embellished with medium to high resolution video and graphic animation. Imagic Weave offers all of the benefits of an LED imaging solution within a plug’n’play stainless steel mesh system.

Furthermore it allows easy connection and fast setup times. The Imagic Weave System is auto-addressable and optimised for both standards DMX and DVI. The variable pixel pitch is suitable for medium to high resolution graphics and video applications. Suitable for outdoor applications, Imagic Weave operates at an extended temperature range of -30° to 60°C” and is fully UV and IP67 rated.

The ideal perception of lighting and media scenarios from texts to full video contents depends on the size of the media façade as well as the viewing distance. The size in conjunction with the LED pitch defines the number of pixels and therefore the possible options of illustration. Depending on the pixel pitch a suitable viewing distance is required to perceive the content in its best quality. By the free scalable conception of the Imagic Weave System, it is possible to create large façade solutions for example at airports, stadiums, cinemas, shopping malls, skyscrapers or other large buildings in areas of public communication.

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