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Inax Lascaux


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Lascaux made by the Japanese manufacturer Inax is a series of ceramic wall tiles with a highly esthetical character. The specific character of Lascaux are the relief and the holes in some tiles. Depending on the use, Lascaux can be grouted, but the holes always stay open. De tiles are 7,2×7,2 cm and are supplied on sheets of 30×30 cm. De series exists of 5 different colours and is also available with a flat surface.

Intercodam is importer for several special tile-factories, but also for design bathroom furniture. They used to take tiles from Wales and France, but now they also buy exclusive tiles from other countries such as Italy, Spain and Japan. The name Intercodam is the telegram abbreviation of International Company for Trade and Industry in Amsterdam and was originally a trading of building materials. Now their customers are mainly architects and consumers.

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