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Fusumapapier, Ajiro veneer plaits, tatami fabric, textile and mineral wallpapers are traditional Japanese materials. To process these materials,  special tools, techniques , experience and expertise are necessary.

Japanel design plates are suitable for sliding doors, cabinet systems and glass furniture, kitchen worktops and kitchen splashbacks. The translucent tear-resistant Japanese papers also show their delicate beauty as lampshades, as stringing of Japan as doors and curtains from the tear-resistant Japanese paper Madoca.

Translucent plates are delivered as PET-G with Japan paper inlay (Madoca IP), as a PET-G or PMMA (acrylic glass) with one- or two-sided Japanese paper coating (Madoca OP) and as laminated glass with Japanese paper inlay (Japan glass Madoca IG).

All materials used for Japanel containing wood or fibers come from sustainably managed forests. This applies not only for the support boards of HDF, but also for decorative papers, veneers for Ajiro panels and all packaging.

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