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Natural woods and engineered wood are a popular choice for furniture and other furnishings. Traditionally, clear liquid paints are used to preserve the wood’s grain and appearance. However, manufacturers and consumers alike are becoming aware of the environmental harm that can come from solvents and VOCs contained in conventional paints and varnishes. Jotun developed various powder coatings for (engineered) wood that preserve the natural beauty of wood, are environmentally responsible, and commercially efficient.

Ultra Lite protects the beauty of natural wood furniture and give you the freedom to design. Ultra Lite is an odour free, solvent free, one-coat powder coating solution that gives your natural wood products the protection they need, while maintaining the natural beauty of wood.

Primax Excel is a one-coat powder coating primer solution for MDF and HDF. Using Primax Excel as your primer coat will give you all the benefits of a powder coating and replace unnecessary layers of liquid paint. At the same time, it can be over-coated easily with a variety of liquid top coats.

Ultra One is a one-coat powder coating to give engineered wood a premium finish. The surface is durable, scratch-, abrasion-, and humidity-resistant

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