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Kalesinterflex is 100% porcelain ceramic.
The extraordinary dimensions of Kalesinterflex tiles – 1m x 3m x 3mm of thickness – makes it a unique glazed or polished-surface tile and the lightest with only 7kg/m².
Standard tile production groups : plain, fit and laminex.
Kalesinterflex is also a flexible ceramic tile with a 3m slab having a 5.5m range of flex. Available in 15 different colors in both glazed and polished surfaces.
Kalesinterflex is useful for covering large surfaces. Cladding is possible with specially designed mechanical cladding systems, known cement based adhesives and is extremely effective in the cladding of ventilated exterior surfaces. Kalesinterflex is also an appropriate material for interior decoration for both floors and walls with its wide colour range as well as its stainless and non-flammable texture. Thanks to its flexible characteristic, it can be used in covering the interior surfaces of tunnels and underground stations.
Kalesinterflex has the standard dimension of 100 x 300 cm. It can be cut in dimensions down to in any size. According to its variable dimensions, Kalesinterflex can be practically handled, manipulated, cut and installed. Kalesinterflex has 5 other dimensions in addition to 100 x 300 cm, Slabs: 100 x 100 cm, 50 x 150 cm, 50 x 100 cm, 50 x 50 cm, 20 x 150 cm and 5 x 100 cm.
Physical features of Kalesinterflex are:
– Weight: As the 3 mm thickness reduces the weight of the material, a 100 x 300 cm slab of Kalesinterflex weighs approximately 21 kg (7kg/m2).
– Flexibility: The flexibility radius of a Kalesinterflex slab with dimensions of 100 x 300 cm is 5.5 m.
– Fire Resistance: Kalesinterflex is totally fire resistant and non-flammable.
– Cutting: Kalesinterflex can be cut with standard glass and ceramic cutters or computer controlled automatic cutting machines.
– Drilling: Kalesinterflex can be drilled with glass drills as well as with other conventional automatic drilling devices.
– Ease of Cleaning: Kalesinterflex has a smooth surface on which dirt does not accumulate. If required it can be cleaned with water and conventional cleaning agents.
It can be used for building surfaces with smooth and continual lines.
In particular its smooth appearance combines very well with building surfaces employing substantial amounts of glass.It can be effectively applied to virtually any form of (ventilated) facade.
Kalesinterflex is not only design-friendly, the technology used for its production is environmentally friendly as well. Production has 1000 times lower carbon emissions than conventional tiles production and the tiles are made from natural raw materials. During production only electrical energy is used and no hydrocarbons are burnt.
Kale Group specialized in exterior systems and offers a full technical support service offering a wide variety of solutions.

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