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KAPA® is a high-quality lightweight foamboard with a polyurethane foam core and individual paper covering layers. The KAPA® manufacturing process expands the foam core between the two outer covering layers, using a technology which is unique worldwide. Most of the paper used in our production is already FSC® certified. The FSC® label stands for a continuous and credible tracking process. It is a clear indicator that the paper comes from responsible forestry.

The perfectly coordinated range of different covering layers is designed for all types of interior applications in visual communication. KAPA®, for instance, is not only suitable for window displays, interior design or POS / POP applications, but also for model making, for high-calibre museum exhibits and as an ideal substrate for prints and advertising messages.

KAPA® delivers the highest aesthetic standards in architectural and design development. Used as a mounting or presentation board, its varied surfaces or the bi-colour effect of the covering layers create attractive contrasts. When creating visualisations of spectacular designs, from minuscule to immense, super lightweight and 3-D formable KAPA® is the ideal construction material – as it has been for over 50 years!

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