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Kauri, designed by Paola Lenti, is hand woven and hand finished material composed out of polyester & cotton.

The texture is knitted tubular fabric Chain, woven on a cotton weft. The weft sides are finished with a fringe.

The different thickness of warp and weft and the chromatic iridescence of the fabric Chain create an irregular pattern that makes each rug unique and unrepeatable.
Available in multiple colours, to design the Kauri rug, only the colour of the tubular knit Chain will be chosen.
Standard dimensions:
200x200cm, 200x240cm, 240x240cm, 200x300cm, 300x300cm
In any other dimension, the rug is considered custom.
Since the loom width is 3.5m, one side of this rug will always be equal to or less than 3.5m. The other side can be made to any size specified, up to a maximum of 7m

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