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Keralpor is a setter made of 99.5% aluminium oxide and is used for sintering components. When using Keralpor as a sintering base or support, its porosity and planarity make it possible to achieve very precise results as compared to most traditional kiln furniture. Keralpor setter products are used as sintering aids in the production of a wide range of components including ceramics, fuel cells, powdered metals and dental devices.

Due to the porosity of the contained aluminium oxide, gases produced during the firing process can be easily diffused through Keralpor plates. When sintering products with high amounts of binder, debinding gases can be efficiently dispersed. This is advantageous as the successful sintering of components relies on a homogenous burn off of contained organic binders.

Due to Kerapor’s thinness (1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, or customised) and gross density (2.56 g/cm3), the plates are very lightweight. This serves to reduce strain on the kiln furniture set up. Additionally, due to the smooth surface and  porous structure of these plates, adherence of the overlying green ware can be avoided. Keralpor is therefore especially suitable for sintering thin ceramic films such as Keraflex Porcelain tape (CER143).

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