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Kerloc is a sustainable technical ceramics which is being used for facades.

For its production process low-value, residue materials (Dutch poplar wood) are being used.

The production process is unique as there is no additional heat (oven). Therefore, Martens keramiek calls it cold ceramics.

Kerloc is treated with a mineral coating from KEIM. KEIM is a highly respected company with references such as The White House in Washington and the red wall at The Kremlin. The TCO is very low as there is a 20 year colour stability warranty.

Kerloc is 100% circular. Not only for dismantling and reuse in a new façade. But Kerloc can also be taken back by Martens keramiek after its end of life use. In that case the Kerloc panels will be fully re-used in their production process. So there is no waste!

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