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Kiln cast glass

white, frosted, blue
United Kingdom

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Fusionglass Designs produces a diverse range of textures varying from the fluid and organic to more structured, architectural designs. During the process of kiln forming the surface of the glass can be transformed into any number of textures, designs or graphics. A wide range of applied finishes, including sandblasting, translucent and opaque colours, and mirroring, can further enhance these textures, most of which can be toughened / tempered or laminated to required national safety standards. The glass can be tailor-made to client’s requirements including curved to radius, cut to complex shapes and drilled or countersunk.

It is this enormous versatility that enables kiln cast glass to be used in almost any architectural application either decorative or structural, for both internal and external applications. Fusionglass Designs can produce textured glass to a maximum size of 3150mm x 1750mm (124″ x 69″).
Most kiln cast textured glass is manufactured using standard clear float glass, however it is also available in specialist glasses including low iron (crystal clear) and a variety of body tints; blue, green, bronze and grey.

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