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Kraftplex is made of 100% high-quality cellulose fibres from sustainably cultivated softwoods. This material is manufactured in an environmentally sound way and utilises a unique production process that requires water, pressure and heat. No chemical additives, bleaches or binding agents are required. Easy to transform and upgrade, Kraftplex is suitable for furniture production, interior and shop design, as well as product design.

Kraftplex is a good alternative to metal sheet, composite sheet and plastic sheet materials. It can be cut with a Co2-laser or water jet and/or perforated. It can also be treated with paints, varnishes, oils, or adhesives and used in combination with décor films. Lasered Kraftplex is ideal for application in interior or product design as well as for the creation of tools for high-tech industries or medical sectors. Perforated Kraftplex can be used as a wall, ceiling or radiator covering in shop or interior design, as well as a decorative element or room divider in exhibition or acoustic projects.

The standard size of Kraftplex is 60 x 40 cm, with sizes up to 225 x 104 cm available on request. The thickness of the material is either 0,8 mm or 1,55 mm.

In addition to being electrically isolating, this material has density properties similar to aluminium sheet. The specific numbers are as such: weight=0,99 kg/m² 1,77 kg/m²,
density = 1,10 g/cm³ to1,20 g/cm³, compressibility = 4,8 % 7,6 %, tensile strength (p) = 122 N/mm² 94 N/mm², tensile strength (md) = 82 N/mm² 75 N/mm², elongation = 9 % and moisture content < 8 % ex works.

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