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The Kugelgarn material consists of a mixture of polyamide, polypropylene and in some types polyester. Kugelgarn® is the German word for ‘bullet garment’ and has a surface structure made of numerous small fiber balls.
Kugelgarn® is built up in three layers; a ground layer of felt fiber, a surface of fiber balls and in between a layer of aluminum hydroxide.
These three are needled together by an in-house developed technique. It is advised for indoor use especially in areas where high wear resistance is required.
Because of the surface structure it can be laid in every direction showing no joints. This also means a minimum of extra material required for cutting loss.
Easy to repair in case of damage it is also simple to use in a figurative way.
Areas of implementation; schools, elderly- and nursing homes, public buildings, sports and leisure, offices etc.
Available sizes:
rolls 32 x 2 m, 50 x 2 m
Tiles 50 x 50 cm, 60 x 60 cm
Stairwell nosing profiles, width 50 cm, roll length variable
Technical info:
surface ca 60% Polyamide ca 40% Polypropylene
Weight ca 2000 g/m2
Thickness ca 5,5 mm
Warmth conductive resilience ca 0,08 m2 ∙ K/W ( floor heating suitable )
Antistatic < 2 kV, or conductive ( Re < 10⁸Ω )
Fire resistance Cfl-s1
Contact sound absorption ca 20 dB
The material is suitable in use with chair rolls and is UV resistant.

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