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Kunrader® is a characteristic hard limestone of architectural quality that can be used from load-bearing walls to interior details, the creative possibilities of Kunrader stone are virtually unlimited.

Kunradersteen can be described as a limestone sedimentary rock. Limestone is formed when skeletons of marine animals sink to the bottom and accumulate. Under the influence of time, pressure and temperature, these sediments have hardened into rock.

Kunradersteen resembles marl-chalk rock (or ‘Limburg marl’), but is much harder because it is much more compact and contains no clay. The specific weight is approximately 2320kg/m3 and the pressure resistance is approximately 1000kg/cm2. Kunradersteen shows no crumbling or freezing.

In the south of the Netherlands, Zuid-Limburg, Kunrader® is sustainably mined by the Vervuurt family. Millions of years in the making, but immediately available. In their own workshop, the stone is processed, combining craftsmanship and modern techniques.

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