Lace 3D print on tulle


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- story by MaterialDistrict

This sample is a part of Labledby’s research on how to mimic authentic craftsmanship using digital manufacturing techniques. Digital manufacturing techniques and digital functions bring them a step closer towards automation in textile.

A very old but authentic textile is lace. Lace is a delicate fabric made of white yarns in an open structure. Labeledby tried to mimic this authentic look of lace, using a digital manufacturing technique: 3D printing. White tulle was used as base and 3D printed with a white filament on top of it. Labledby digitalised a lace pattern and printed this 2D pattern on top of the tulle. They used a semi flexible filament because they wanted to mimic the look but also the feel of lace; non stretchable but not too rigid as well.

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