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Lam’Slab is a ceramic slab of just 3 mm in thickness though it can reach sizes of up 3sqm. It is harder than granite, lighter than aluminium, flexible and workable using techniques normally applied to glass and natural stone. Lam’Slab and all Laminam products (created by multiple Lam’Slab joined) are therefore extremely strong and lightweight.

Lam’Slab is resistant to organic and inorganic solvents, disinfectants and detergents.. Therefore can be used in commercial kitchens because its surface is 100% closed and non-porous, preventing the growth of funghi and bacteria.

It is fireproof and heat resistant and cannot easily be scratched (MOHS scale test 8 compared to 10 for diamond). Lam’Slab is frost-proof because its water absorption level is close to zero. Combined with the fact that it does not lose its colour under the influence of UV-radiation, Lam’Slab may be used outdoor.

Lam’Slab is developments are divided into three projects: Collection, Metropolis and Sketch. The collection project is the chromatic base on which new graphic and surfaces developments integrated. The Sketch project is the latest development; six colors to meet specially different design needs. Its wood surface synthesised by various strokes gives it a modern aesthetical sensations.

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