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Leather look tiles


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Haute Couture in ceramic tiles. Ceramic tile with very realistic look and texture of leather, available in four natural cours: noir, cafè, amande, and blanc. Available in the size; 60×60 cm (23.6x 23.6’’) and 30×60 cm (11.8 x 23.6’’). Special piece addition in 10×60 cm (3.9×23.6’’) . Thickness 12 mm. Full body stoneware ,double pressed.
Also in the Haute Couture series: Decoro Mirriore. These tiles provide a ancient mirror look. Sizes 60×60 cm (23.6×23.6’’) and 60×120 cm (23.6×47.2’’) Special part also available.

Lea Ceramiche works with the most advanced technological systems and avant-garde designs. Lea Ceramics collections are the results of collaboration with well-known designers such as Diego Grandi and has produced results which are appreciated by leading architecture experts.

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