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Leno & Knitted reinforced film


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# Leno (F250U3) is a reinforced film material. It is a Strong, durable and flexible LDPE film reinforced with an open grid (leno).
The grid is made of a combination of HDPE (warp) and PP (weft) tapes. The material is UV stabilised to enhance the lifetime to a minimum of three years in outdoor usage.
This clear film has a light transmission of about 80 to 85% and is most commonly used as cover in various applications such as scaffolding and greenhouses.
– three standard colours; transparent, blue or green.
Other colours require a minimum batch quantity of 20.000m².
-Sizes are from 150cm up to 300cm in width.
# H125U5 is a flexible lightweight and protective knitted reinforced film. The basis of this protective film is a HDPE tape raschel net in combination with a protective film on both sides.
This film has a high tearing strength because of the special reinforcement. It is suitable for temporary protection and/or packaging for both indoor and outdoor use.
– moderate UV stability of up to two years.
– Standard colour is transparent, minimum quantity for other colours is 20.000m².
-Sizes on request, maximum width is 320cm.

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