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At the Philips campus the new accommodation for Atos Origin is being constructed to a design by Meyer en Van Schooten Architecten. Vink Kunststoffen BV from Didam will supply around 3.300 m2 Lexan vacuum shaped panels for façade. The unique properties of plastic create unlimited possibilities to give the façade panels their own shape, colour and transparency. The architect has chosen for a semi transparent panel with a mirror coating at the back side. Together with Vink Kunststoffen BV en GE Advanced Materials, speciality Film & Sheet, a panel has been created in which the depth of the material and the bespoke shape reinforce one another. The light weight panels are fixed to an aluminium construction placed behind them. They will be put into place in the summer of 2005 and the total construction is guaranteed for a period of ten years. Beside this, Vink Kunststoffen BV together with Meyer en Van Schooten Achitecten are developing new shapes and models for plastic façade panels to satisfy future demands. This gives a client the opportunity to specify a façade with a unique shape and appearance with guaranteed quality.

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