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Liapor is made from loam, a natural material formed in the earth around 180 mln years ago. The loam granules are heated in an oven to 1200 degrees Celsius, causing the organic elements to burn and expanding the granules. Due to the gasses that are formed during the heating process, the inside of the granules becomes filled with tiny pores, while the outside remains smooth. This is the basic Liapor material. The exact weight, size and weight of the granules can be precisely controlled.
Around five cubic metres of Liapor can be made from one cubic metre of raw loam. Because the trapped air the the Liapor granules is very difficult to compress, the granules can be used as a substitute for rocks, stones and pebbles in concrete, reducing the weight of the final product. Liapor is used in concrete bricks, foundations, pre-fabricated light-weight concrete panels or concrete poured in-situ.

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