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Light transmitting veneered panel


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The veneered surface light transmitting panel has a translucent clear core material. A specially developed adhesive let the light transmitting through the layers and guarantee the solidity of the veneer and the core material.

The natural beauty and the structure of a chosen veneer surface become more characteristic by using a backlight, even partly providing an aesthetic and innovative look, keeping still the advantages of wooden surface materials. By the core material, the quality of the light transmitting is uniform, through the whole size of the panel. The visibly illuminating effect of the back lighted final product is depending on the light relation of the interior, the species of the veneers, surface treatment and the strength of the backlight. Further special design effect can be made with CNC cutting in two ways.

Standard size of the light transmitting panel is 2000×1000 mm, with thickness of 4.0 mm and additionally 10.0 mm, 18.0 mm. Veneer types of the front surface are based on the current model assortment of European and exotic species included: cherry, oak, maple, teak etc.

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