Lignoloc wooden nails


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Lignoloc nails are made of beech wood and offer an sustainable alternative to metal nails or glue. Beech wood was especially chosen as it is indigenous to Austria, where the company is situated, and because its straight growth gives it the most homogenous cell structure. The nails are available in lengths up to 90 mm.

It is possible to drive the nails in with a hammer, without pre-drilling, as the hardness of the wooden nails is comparable to aluminium ones, but Beck recommends using their special LignoLoc pneumatic nailer, which generates a large amount of heat by friction and welds the nail with the surrounding wood.

Current available sizes:

  • Ø3.7mm –Length from 38mm to 60mm
  • Ø4.7mm –Length from 50mm to 90mm
  • Ø5.3mm –Length from 50mm to 90mm

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