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The basic material of Lignostone consists of wood veneer (particularly beech), of which sheets are manufactured. The production is based on the application of a synthetic resin, stacking the veneer layers and compressing these under high pressure. In this process compressed sheets can be made, with very good mechanical properties and a very constant quality. They are suitable for tooling in a great of variety applications. Finished Lignostone products vary from technical components for switchboards and transformers, fieldhockey-heads to wooden ceilings, from jigs and tools to special furniture.

The Lignostone material is commonly used as structural insulation in electrical apparatus such as transformer applications. The basic material is european rotary cut beech veneer. The veneers will be stacked to put the greatest strength where it is needed. Finally the veneers will be joined together with thermosetting synthetic resins under high pressure into sheet material with a density from 0.82 gr/cm3 up to 1.38 gr/cm3.

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