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LignoTUBE technologies produces lightweight, thin-walled and extremely strong pipes made from real wood veneer. Over a research period lasting several years, this company developed its own technology for manufacturing these biobased pipes. The goal is to establish LignoTUBE as a new ecological material class on the market for the long term.

The manufacturing technology used to create LignoTUBE borrows from modern composite technology. Similar to the processes used to create today’s leading composite materials, individual layers are used in combination with an adhesive to form a hollow body. To create the tube shape, several real wood veneer layers are glued in a spiral direction

LignoTUBE can be further processed in numerous ways including sawing, grinding, drilling, painting and gluing. Special tools for cutting, milling etc. are not necessary as the usual simple processing steps for wood materials also applies to these veneer composite pipes.

LignoTUBE’s strength and processing flexibility enables its use in numerous areas ranging from building construction to design-oriented products. This includes, for example, its use within the woodworking industry, automotive industry as well as the marine and aircraft industry.

The various applications for LignoTUBE require a range of different sizes. The current producible length is 700 mm with diameters ranging from 20 mm up to a max of 120 mm. The wall thickness varies between 1 mm and 10mm.

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