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The Lisbon tile is a very lightweight ceramic tile that has a special feature in its very thin production size. Tiles are produced of a very low 4,8mm thickness at lengths of up to 3000mm. Due to a proprietary production procedure, the material is thin and tough, and a little flexible too.

The Lisbon variation is our favourite: a fire, moisture and mould-proof tile that is long-lasting, low-maintenance and available in many architects’ favourite colours of white and black. The tile’s baking introduces a subtle variation in surface relief. This gives the tile a warm, personable feel.

Intended applications are indoors and outdoors, as the tile is weather proof. It is also suitable to high-traffic areas such as airports, stations and so on, as the ceramic has a matrix backing for strength.

This makes the Lisbon tile a great addition to the field of ceramics. Other variations in size and colour are available through the distributor.

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