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LUCEM Starlight


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The irregular distribution of translucent fibres in concrete provide, when backlit, gives the impression of a starlit night. Fibres with different diameters are integrated in high-performance concrete and transmit the light. By keeping irregular distances between the fibres, the single light points appear brighter. Especially fibres with bigger diameters give the impression of a very bright surface, although less than 1% of the surface consists of light spots. The concrete material disappears into the background.
LUCEM Starlight has got a terrazzo-like appearance. A framework with special fastening technology was developed to guarantee a safe and easy installation of LUCEM Starlight. The fibres and concrete are durable, impact and weather resistant, UV-resistant and non-flammable. LUCEM is available with polished, glossy or sheen/matt surfaces in 3 standard colors white, grey and anthracite or individually made by differing arrangements of the fibres.

Class of strength of LUCEM Starlight is at least C40/50. The density is about 2400 kg/m3. The flexural strength is, depending on the tested direction (order of fibres, load direction) 12 N/mm2.

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