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The electroluminescent lamp of LumaglassTM consists in a layer of phosphor crystals sandwiched between a very thin aluminium electrode and a clear top electrode and fixed onto the inside flange of the profiled glass panels. When connected to an alternative current (AC) power supply, the particles are excited by the voltage and frequency and give off light. As LumaglassTM uses Electroluminescent lighting it is a long life span environmentally friendly system which generates low running costs and low heat emission.
The illumination comes from the inside rather than from external light sources ensuring that each glass wall compartment can be illuminated from top to bottom. The original outward appearance of U-profile glass system is not altered just accentuated.
The LumaglassTM System is a worldwide patent protected product that enables the integration of Electroluminescent lighting technology within U-profile glass systems. It is a supplementary lighting source which brightly highlights the architectural properties of U-shaped glass walls.
LumaglassTM has been launched by Westcrowns Contracting Services group in order to create these stunning highlighting effects for glass façades or glass partitions. LumaglassTM lights up glass wall applications from the inside

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