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Lumiscopic is a surface design company specialising in creating bespoke illuminated surfaces. Working exclusively with light responsive materials, they create innovative solutions to creative lighting. The lighting is created using dichroic technologies. The colour of the material depends on the viewing angle, varying from warm to cool colours.

The Dichroic Lighting collection features Dichroic Film from science-based technology company 3M. Available in two versions, the Dichroic Glass Finishes DF-PA Blaze shift from warm tones of cyan, blue and magenta to red and gold, while the Dichroic Glass Finishes DF-PA Chill changes colour from cool tones of blue, magenta and yellow to the reflective colours of gold and blue.

The Dichroic Films can be applied to glass, plastic or acrylic surfaces as a visual opaque or decorative graphic. The colours the viewer sees from either side of the glass depend on the environment, lighting, viewing angles and mounting surface colour.

The material is available as wall panel, large-scale lighting panel, worktop, shelving, etc.. If the design needs to be changed, the film can be removed without any damage to the original surface.

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