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Lumistone is an acrylic solid surface that contains the unique characteristic of long lasting photoluminescence. This surfacing material is an elegant warm white color that emits a cool calming blue after glow in darkness. It was originally conceived for emergency exodus during a power failure. However, it is now also considered as an aesthetic feature in high-end commercial and home construction projects.

Its classification as solid surface ensures long durability when exposed to high traffic areas, cleaning agents and equipment used by janitorial staffs. This classification also ensures a high flame resistance.

Lumistone products consist of strips for use as moldings, trims, inlays and inserts. It is also available as a liquid inlay, packaged in a ready to use dispensing cartridge. Lumistone works wherever it is exposed to natural daylight or artificial lighting such as fluorescent lights. Optimum lighting provides 12 hours or more of a cool blue afterglow in darkness.

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