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Luxar Magnetron Sputtered anti-reflective glass with almost no reflectance, is an innovative product of Glas Trösch. With a reflection of less than 0.5 %, mirror-like effects will be prohibited and therefore Luxar is almost invisible.

Luxar uses a multi layer optical thin film coating, which is applied to the glass in a vacuum atmosphere with Magnetron Sputtering technology. The individual layers are metal oxides and therefore do not corrode, are hard and durable. The top layer is a quartz-like protective layer, which allows the glass to be handled easily. It also makes it ideal for exterior and high maintenance areas.

Luxar is used for applications where a partition is needed, but should not be visible:
– Facades
– Display Cases
– Architecture
– Information Displays
– Interior Design
– Picture Frames
– Museums
– Vitrines, Showcases

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