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LW Light Weight Board


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Minerit Lightweight Board (LW) is a non-combustible internal lining board combining lightness with strength thus made for ease of handling and installation on site. Its ultrasmooth surface permits painting or wallpapering with a minimum of preparation. Ideal for all applications calling for a strong non-combustible internal lining board on site.
Its technical features make it possible to realise constructions where building with boards would otherwise not be possible. Being durable and non-combustible LW is safe material for interior lining. LW is a solution for the most demanding partitions and for constructions with strict sound proof requirements.
Many features of a building board are combined in LW, such as fire security, durability, shock resistance, sound proof, easy to work and install, various coating and jointing solutions. LW is available in 3 edge types: chamfered, tapered or straight. LW is a Finnish product made of pure and non-hazardous raw-materials. LW is manufactured in one production line

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