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MADOCA is a 3 or 5- layered compound material on the basis of Washi (Japanese Paper) and PET film. Japanese paper has been in use for interior purposes for about 1000 years. The 2 sheets of ultra-thin shoji paper are made of natural fibres such as Kozo (mulberry bark), manila hemp, some of them contain added wooden pulp and rayon.
MADOCA is only for indoor use. There is no problem with air humidity, but it should not have contact with water.
Though MADOCA was initially designed for applying on Japanese shoji doors, (wooden lattices with paper applied, used as partitions and sliding doors), it is now widely used by European makers for manufacturing panel blinds and vertical blinds.
It can also be used for packaging (bags and boxes), for lampshades, for UV ink printing and for various decoration purposes.
If coated with PP, it gains a very smooth surface that can be cleaned with water and is a very good basis for UV ink printing.
MADOCA, like all traditional shoji papers, is not transparent but very translucent.

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