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Mappy foam


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Stopfire CR is a sound-insulating material in Fire-retardant polyurethan-foam having in the middle a high density barrier of 4 kg/m2. Application: sound insulation material in partition wall, machineries generators etc available in adhesive version.

Mappy CR RE A VISTA is a sound insulating material in self-extinguishing PU-foam, having a density barrier of 4 kg/m2 at sight. Application mainly in machinery rooms, counter ceilings, partition walls etc

Dump CR 400 is a sound insulating material resistant to chemical agents, moisture and bacteria. Composed of water resistant material, it is permeable to vapours. White coloured high density barrier laminated to a white thermo bounded material. it does not loose weight and does not release fibres. Application in machinery rooms, counter ceilings, partition walls etc

Mappycar AU30 a sound-absorbing material in self-extinguishing polyurethan-foam (esther-based) having on one side perforated imitation leather. Application: used as sound absorption material in various applications. Available in adhesive version.

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